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Air & Water Monitoring Procedure

Air Monitoring:  Upon receipt of a complaint regarding air quality a representative of Moniteau County Health Center (MCHC) or contracted agency will complete an investigation utilizing a Nasal Ranger as manufactured by St. Croix Sensory, Inc., or by a similar instrument.  Results will be provided to landowner(s) or leaser and Department of Natural Resources. Will follow the testing guidelines set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency.  

Private Well Monitoring:  Will be sampled on request for bacteria and nitrates.  Samples will be taken by MCHC staff.  Department of Health and Senior Services protocols will be used, and the test results will be recorded.  Property owners or leaser will be notified of the results.  

Watershed Monitoring:  All five watersheds in Moniteau County will be monitored for E.Coli and Nitrates.  Samples will be taken in the spring and fall, and as deemed necessary, at selected sites along the major watersheds in the county.  Results will be posted on the MCHC website.