Emergency Preparedness

State, Federal and Local Preparedness

State & Federal agencies, as well as local agencies, have plans for times of disaster and emergencies. Moniteau County Health Center plans for public health emergencies, such as pandemics. Unlike fires or accidents, public health emergencies are often slower to develop and have an end that is gradual.

In addition to planning activities, MCHC participates in the Health Alert Network to receive and send messages that could impact the health status of county residents.

Personal Preparedness

As seen is recent disasters in our country, the response from governmental agencies may take several days. It is everyone’s responsibility to plan for emergencies for themselves and their families. Whether it be widespread influenza, ice storms, floods or other disasters, individuals and families must be prepared to take care of themselves, It is impossible for local, state and federal agencies to address each individuals unique needs if the individual failed to prepare. If you or your child cannot leave your place of work or cannot return home or are told to evacuate, would you be ready?

There are many agencies that have information on how to prepare yourself, your family, and your business for emergencies.

Included in these is the Missouri Department of Health with the “Ready in 3” Program. The program includes three steps:

    1. Create a plan for you, your family and your business
      • Plan for 2 situations – staying home or leaving
      • Prepare a shelter at home
      • Know where to go if you have to leave
    2. Prepare a kit for home, car, and work
      • Include basic food supplies, water, can opener
      • Include items such as flashlight, batteries, medicines, radio, first aid  supplies
      • Keep a small, portable supply kit in your car with items such as water, blanket or sleeping bag, first aid supplies, food, etc.
    3. Listen for information about what to do and where to go
      during an actual emergency

For more information on Ready in 3, click here.