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Lead Poisoning Prevention

infoLead Risk Assessment Service
Lead risk assessments for the home and environment are provided by the Moniteau County Health Center when a child has an elevated blood level result from lead testing. Lead test swabs for checking lead levels in paint may be available at your local hardware store.

What is Lead Poisoning?

Signs of Lead Poisoning

  • Stomachache and cramps
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Frequent vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Headache
  • Sleep disorders
  • Poor appetit

What are the effects of lead poisoning?

infoLead Risk Assessment Service
Since lead poisoning is a result of continued exposure with a gradual accumulation in the child's body, signs and symptoms of lead poisoning often mimic other problems.

What can be done if a child has lead poisoning?

Preventing Exposure

  • Be alert for chipping and flaking paint - inside and outside of the home
  • Watch what you child puts in their mouth - wash child's toys and hands frequently
  • Clean window sills, floors and other dusty surfaces often
  • Provide a well-balanced diet that is high in iron, protein and calcium
  • Use safe interior paints
  • Cover bare soil with grass or shrubs


Are you or your child at risk for lead poisoning? Answer the following:

Does the child...

  • Have siblings or playmates who have or did have lead poisoning?
  • Live in or frequently visit a house or daycare built before 1950?
  • Reside in or visit a house built before 1978 with recent or on going renovations or remolding within the last six months?
  • Eat or mouth non-food items - pica? (dirt, starch, clay, ashes, plaster)
  • Play in are soil or reside in a lead smelting area?
  • Receive unusual medicines or folk remedies?


Sources of Lead

Nationwide, lead contaminated paint is the major source of lead poisoning. Chipped or peeling paint is easy for a young child to pick up and put into their mouths. Lead paint has been found on:

How to know if a child has Lead Poisoning?

The only sure way to know if a child has lead poisoning is through a blood test. Moniteau County is considered a high-risk area for lead poisoning,pdf see a map of high risk areas by clicking here. For children residing in a high risk area these are the activities that shall occur:

Lead testing for children through age 6 is available at the Moniteau County Health Center. We provide testing daily during office hours. Please call prior to visit to determine availability of nurse. Results received within two weeks. $10 donation suggested if Missouri Health Net not billed.

When necessary, environmental assessments will be conducted.