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Immunizations immunize


pdfRecommended Immunizations for Children from Birth Through 6 Years Old

Many serious childhood diseases are easily preventable with immunizations. Routine childhood immunizations are offered at Moniteau County Health Center on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.  Parental permission is required at the time the immunization is to be given for all children under age 18.

Parents/Guardians need to bring the child's immunization record each time the child comes in for immunizations. Children need to be kept on schedule to maximize their protection against disease.

There is no fee for immunizations, however, donations are accepted. If the child has MO HealthNet, please bring in his/her identification card with you.  We also, accept health insurance if the child has insurance that covers vaccines.

Immunizations are given according to the recommendations of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). 


pdfRecommended Immunizations for Preteens and Teens (7-18 years)

There are also certain immunizations recommended for preteens and teens to prevent disease and the spread of disease. If you are unsure if your preteen or teen has had all the recommended immunizations, call or come by the health center to speak with a nurse regarding this.


pdfRecommended Immunizations for Adults (19 Years and Older) by Age and Medical Condition

Moniteau County Health Center offers various adult immunizations.  These include Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Meningitis, Tetanus boosters, Pneumonia, and Shingles (Zostavax).  Adults may also come in during scheduled immunization days.  We also, accept private health insurance for adults for those with vaccine coverage benefit If an adult has an injury and has not had a tetanus booster within the past 5 years, please call the Health Center to ensure a nurse is available and they will try to work you in the day's schedule.

We also participate in programs with the Department of Health and Senior Services where we can give certain adult vaccines for those who are underinsured or uninsured. Call the health center for more information at 573-796-3412.

Travel Immunizations

If immunizations are required for international travel, please see http://www.cdc.gov/travel/content/vaccinations.aspx. for information


The CDC now recommends all people 6 months and older receive an annual influenza vaccination to protect as many people as possible against the flu. The Health Center will be offering mass clinics in various areas throughout the community every fall season. Check local newspapers and radio for dates and times.  The flu vaccine will also be given in the Health Center on a 'walk-in' basis when the vaccine is available.

Shingles Vaccine

Shingles is a rash on one side of the face or body that is sometimes blister-like and often very painful. The rash is typically on one side of the body and in a band-like pattern. Along with severe pain, some other symptoms may include fever, headache, chills, and upset stomach. Shingles is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. The virus remains dormant (asleep) in your body and reappears later as shingles. Someone who never had chickenpox, will not get shingles. Persons aged 50 and older are more affected by shingles along with those who have weaker immune systems. The disease typically affects approximately 1 million people each year.

A shingles vaccination called Zostavax is available as a single dose. If you are at risk and are over the age of 60, talk to your healthcare provider to see if a dose is recommended. The Moniteau County Health Center has started administering the shingles vaccine. For patients interested in receiving the vaccination, Zostavax may be covered under their Medicare Part D plan and private health insurance is accepted, but anyone who qualifies may receive the vaccination. Please contact our office at 573-796-3412 if you have any questions or to check pricing and availability.