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Vector Controlvector control

The Moniteau County Health Center actively works to limit diseases spread by rodents and mosquitos.


Worldwide, rats and mice spread over 35 diseases. Rodent-borne diseases are spread directly to humans through bite wounds, consuming food or water that is contaminated with rodent feces, coming in contact with surface water contaminated with rodent urine, or through breathing in germs that may be present in rodent urine or droppings that have been stirred into the air (a process known as "aerosolization"). Diseases from rodents are also spread indirectly to humans by way of ticks, mites, and fleas that transmit the infection to humans after feeding on infected rodents. In some cases, the rodents are the reservoirs (carriers) of the diseases, while in other cases the ticks, mites, or fleas act as the disease reservoirs.


The Moniteau County Health Center works in cooperation with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (MDHSS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) providing information/education to the citizens of Moniteau County. These agencies work to protect our citizens from the many diseases that can be contracted through the mosquito. Information is available by contacting the MCHC.

West Nile Virus Information Service

During the mosquito season the public is encouraged to report sightings of dead crows, blue jays, or hawks to the MCHC.  For information on West Nile Virus go to http://health.mo.gov/living/healthcondiseases/communicable/westnilevirus/