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Water Testing Service

WATER TESTINGWater sampling kits for testing private wells are available. For chemical tests of private water, or for information regarding safety of private water please contact the Moniteau County Health Center at (573) 796-3412.

Water Testing FAQ's ....

I have a private well, how often should the water be tested?

Property owners with private wells should submit a water sample from the well at least once every year and certainly whenever any changes are noticed in the water such as taste, cloudy, odor etc. The water should also be tested after repairs have been made to the water supply system.

What are the recommended tests?

Start with a bacteria test. This is a test for Total Coliform Bacteria and E. Coli Bacteria. The test results are recorded as either ABSENT or PRESENT.

Who does the water tests and how much will it cost?

Property owners may collect their own water samples for bacterial testing (Total Coliform and E-coli). The laboratory requires you to collect and submit the water sample in the collection kits provided by the State Public Health Laboratory. These kits with sampling instructions are available at the Moniteau County Health Center. There is a $10.00 fee payable to the laboratory upon completion of the test.

The water sample should reach the laboratory within 30 hours of collection. If the water sample is submitted to the Moniteau County Health Center during normal business hours (Monday-Friday) before arrival of the Courier Service, the sample will be shipped at no cost. The state public health lab will be able to test the sample the next morning.

In certain instances an official water sample may be required. Official water samples must be submitted by an Environmental Public Health Specialist at the Moniteau County Health Center. If an official sample is required for a real estate transaction, contact a Licensed On-Site Inspector/Evaluator.

How long will it take to get results?

Bacterial samples are sent to the State Public Health Laboratory in Jefferson City, MO. A paper result should be back within one week.

What other tests are available?

Talk to the Environmental Public Health Specialist (EPHS) at the Moniteau County Health Center about the specific problem you may be having with your water supply. Water tests other than bacterial must be obtained and submitted by the EPHS. Some water tests require prior approval from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. In most circumstances water samples will be collected by the Moniteau County Health Center at no cost to the well owner.