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On-site Sewage Service

OWSOnsite wastewater treatment systems (OWTS) provide sewage treatment in areas where public sewers are not available. Onsite systems treat wastewater and disperse it on the property where it is generated. When functioning properly, onsite systems prevent human contact with sewage and prevent contamination of surface water and groundwater. Factors that affect the proper funtioning of onsite systems include the site and soil conditions, design, installation, operation and maintenance.

Moniteau County has set minimum standards for OWTS by enacting a OWTS ordinance and adopting regulations that cover new systems and major changes to existing systems.

Examples of major changes would be replacing a sewage treatment tank, and replacing or expanding an absorption field.

Generally, an OWTS permit must be obtained from the Moniteau County Health Center before starting construction or repair work, however, certain residential properties may be exempt from permitting requirements. The application for the permit requires that detailed information regarding the property and residence, the treatment tank, the absorption field, setback distances, etc., be provided. The services of a soil scientist are required as part of the application process.

When the application is approved and the results of a site visit by a representative of the Moniteau County Health Center are determined to be satisfactory, the permit will be issued and construction may begin. Final and/or partial inspections of the installation may be required for approval of the system.

The Moniteau County Health Center does not inspect/evaluate an existing onsite sewage disposal system for real estate transactions.

Inspectors & Evaluators For On-Site Sewage

Licensed Onsite system Inspectors/Evaluators are licensed by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and are authorized to inspect or evaluate existing onsite wastewater treatment systems for real estate transactions. These individuals are not licensed to perform regulatory functions, such as inspecting installation or repairs where an onsite system construction or a building permit is needed.

For a list of Licensed Inspectors/Evaluators in Moniteau County, click here.

The Moniteau County Health Center does not inspect/evaluate an existing onsite sewage disposal system for real estate transactions.
A licensed Evaluator can only perform evaluations. A licensed Inspector can perform both inspections and evaluations. An inspection provides a thorough assessment of the onsite system and all of its components. The evaluation is a report on the general condition of the on-site system, including any signs of current or past failure. Both the inspection and evaluation include an assessment of the private water system, if one exists.